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Tax Update and Fixed Interest Securities recommended reading for CII and IFP exams


We recommend this guide for anyone preparing for the CF2, R02, J06 or AF4 CII examinations. It may also be of assistance with other exams including the IFP Certified Financial Planner or Fellowship exams.

This guide recognises that you may need to refresh your knowledge of income tax and CGT but aren’t taking a tax exam as such. The tax focus is on the elements of income tax that impact onto investment advice – the age allowance trap and the tax treatment of different forms of “savings income”. It also includes a review of CGT which again is a tax which impacts onto investment advice.

A working knowledge of fixed interest securities is also valuable to financial advisers. The headline rate may be a very appealing 5% but the yield to redemption may be only 1% - why the difference and what is the likely net of tax return for say a higher rate taxpayer?

The contents of this guide include:

  • Income tax treatment of savings income
  • Dividend income v non dividend savings income
  • Income tax age allowance trap
  • CGT disposal calculations
  • Potential investment returns from fixed interest securities
  • Yield calculations
  • Risks inherent in fixed interest securities
  • Gilt yield curves
  • Convertibles
  • Practice case study

This guide is part of the Investments Suite. The other two guides in this suite are Collective Investments and Life assurance based investments. The Investments Suite offers a cheaper way of buying all three guides.

We estimate that this individual guide takes approximately 10 hours of personal study

Title: Tax Update & Fixed Interest
Author: Sarah Dingley-Brown
Pages: 116
RRP: £35.00   Click Here To Buy Your Copy Now
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