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Financial Calculations recommended reading for CII and IFP examinations


This is one of our most popular guides as it de-mystifies some complicated calculations. It is a valuable study aid to CII exams R02, R06, J06, J03, J09 and AF4. It is also a great help in most IFP examinations.

This guide is designed to help you to pass exams which contain a lot of formulae and a lot of calculations. To pass these exams you will need to know the formulae and be able to do the calculations. You may also need to know how to manipulate some of the formula. So for example if a PE ratio is Share Price divided by EPS, then EPS is Share Price divided by PE ratio.

The guide also covers Time Value of Money (TVM) calculations using statistical formula as required by the CII. It will then introduce you to the world of TVM calculations using a financial calculator – be warned that this part of the guide may well transform your approach to financial advice!

The contents of this guide includes lots of calculations covering:

  • Time Value of Money calculations using formulae and a financial calculator
  • Capital Asset Pricing Model - beta factors and expected market returns, Sharpe and Alpha ratios and Volatility factors
  • Calculations used in benchmarking portfolio performance
  • Ratios for analysing company accounts

The TVM section of this guide is written to support a Hewlett Packard hp10BII calculator which is non-programmable and therefore allowed into both CII and IFP examinations.

We estimate that this individual guide takes approximately 10 hours of personal study

Title: Financial Calculations
Author: Sarah Dingley-Brown
Pages: 103
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