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Collective Investment Schemes recommeded for CF2, R02 and AF4 CII exams


This guide is recommended for anyone preparing for the CF2, R02, J06 or AF4 CII examinations. It may also be of assistance with other exams including the IFP Certified Financial Planner or Fellowship exams.

Most financial advisers recommend the use of collective funds such as unit trusts and Open Ended Investment Companies (OEICs) – often in conjunction with ISAs. Some clients may have investment trust shares as part of their portfolio.

Are OEICs a better option than unit trusts or are investment trusts the most appropriate collective investment for most clients? Is there any real merit in using offshore funds for UK resident investors?

A better understanding of the differences between these different types of collective funds should lead to better financial advice. 

The contents of this guide include:

  • Open ended funds
  • Closed ended funds – discounts and premiums
  • The gearing of investment trusts
  • Focused investment returns via split capital investment trusts
  • Taxation of onshore funds
  • Comparison of unit trusts and OEICs
  • ISAs
  • Offshore funds
  • Tax planning and offshore funds
  • Practice case study

This guide is also part of the Investments Suite. The other two guides in the Investments Suite are the guide on Tax update and fixed interest securities and also the guide on Life assurance based investment. The Investments Suite offers a cheaper way of buying all three guides.

We estimate that this individual guide takes approximately 10 hours of personal study

Title: Collective Investment Schemes
Author: Sarah Dingley-Brown
Pages: 98
RRP: £35.00  Click Here To Buy Your Copy Now
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