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Easy Step Study Guides are here to help you with your CII and IFP exams


The Easy Steps Study Guides as listed on the recommended reading list of both the CII and the IFP are exclusive to SDB Training Ltd. Each guide is written by Sarah Dingley-Brown LLB ACMA TEP CFP.

Each of our Study Guides is designed to:

  • Give you a detailed outline a technical concept,
  • SHOW you a worked example and then
  • Give you an opportunity to DO a practice question which is closely modelled on the worked example.

This classic combination of “Show and Do” should boost the level of your knowledge and increase your confidence for both exams and back in the office with your clients. There is a huge difference between reading about something and actually being able to do it for yourself. Our aim is to empower you with real knowledge and understanding not just impress you with our knowledge.

Each Guide takes you systematically through a range of tasks or calculations using our unique templates. Repeated use of templates gives you a systematic framework for calculations.

We have eight individual topic guides each of which constitutes approximately 10 hours of home study.

We recognise that some of you will be studying for more than one exam and so have grouped some of the guides into subject suites.

The Tax and Trusts suite contains :

  • Income Tax calculations
  • IHT Calculations and
  • The Taxation of Trusts

The Investments suite contains:

  • Tax update & Fixed Interest Securities
  • Collective Investment Schemes - Onshore and Offshore
  • Life Assurance Based Investment – Onshore and offshore

We also have a separate Capital Gains Tax Calculations Guide.

In addition the Financial Calculations Guide is designed to take you through a range of calculations from financial ratios to the Time Value of Money using a financial calculator.

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