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About SDB Training


SDB Training Ltd specialises in technical training for professionals engaged in financial planning and financial advice and has exclusive rights on a range of Easy Step Study Guides.

Each guide is written by Sarah Dingley-Brown LLB ACMA TEP CFP whose style is such that complex issues become understandable so that the reader becomes genuinely empowered with knowledge and confidence.

As well as being an expert on her subject Sarah writes and delivers technical training courses for a range of clients. Over the years she has got a good understanding of where and why people get stuck and how to get them unstuck.

She has also worked as an examiner for a range of exam bodies in the financial advice market and so has a good understanding of what the examiners are likely to be looking for and how to optimise mark scoring.

Sarah has also worked for many years as a financial adviser and can therefore make links from the theory back to the real world of client advice.

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